Better visibility for your freight operations

If you utilize multiple transportation providers and have time consuming, manual processes for tendering, maintaining routing guides, building orders, and invoice auditing, our managed solution provides you with better visibility into your freight operations. Leveraging our team to manage a single mode, location, or your entire transportation network allows for you to focus on your core job duties.

The Red Technologies Way

  • Continuous Improvement

    We work to be a strategic partner for our shippers, not just another TMS vendor. We invest a significant amount of time in improving our customer’s transportation through rate optimization and process improvement.
  • Dedicated & Highly Trained Team

    We pride ourselves on being experts in logistics. We make sure that we put the very best and experienced people in place, and they are the key reason for our rapid growth and success.
  • Complete Visibility

    Whether it’s a real-time truck location, expense on a lane, carrier utilization, or anything else, as your complete partner, we will provide full detail to your operation through customized reporting and daily updates.
  • Continuous Capacity

    We guarantee capacity every time regardless of negative cost impact. No matter the circumstance, we never give back freight and ensure that every load is covered and delivered on time to your customer.
Quoting, Booking, & Tracking LTL Freight with Red TMS

“Red Technologies coordinates all of our domestic freight movements and works directly with shippers to ensure our freight is delivered on time. Their expertise, level of management, and thorough communication has freed up valuable internal resources and overall has been a huge benefit to our company.”

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